Tuesday, April 12, 2011

it's the little things...

I feel many of us take for granted the simplest of things within our lives.

Food in our fridge, clothes upon our back and the roof over our heads.

I saw a homeless man be helped by a simple gift today and it made me even more appreciative of the basics for which I have each day.

I was shopping at the local Hospice Thrift Store here in SLO for non essential bargains for myself when a man walked in asking about what facilities were offered in SLO for the homeless.

He was tall, but walked slightly hunched like he was trying to not be noticed. I heard him ask about any food programs and assisted the woman he was talking to in directing him to the Prado Day Center which does a daily lunch. It was at this point that I noticed he had no shoes, and he asked the woman who worked there if they gave out clothes or shoes at Prado. She asked him what size he wore and walked with him over to their shoe area. I was touched to watch her help him try on a couple different pairs of shoes. After he had found a pair that fit she told him they were on the house and wished him well in his travels. He walked out of that store with a straighter posture and a small smile upon his face. Sometimes the smallest kindness can make a difference within a person's day or life.

I know it made me even more thankful for the small things I have...as the saying goes

"there for the grace of God go I"

regardless of what beliefs you might have we can all relate to the sentiment that just one quirk of fate could change our situation. In today's economy it is even easier to find yourself struggling. I know that due to the amazing family & friends I have I would never be out on the streets and for that I am most thankful.

Take a moment today to appreciate all of the small things and let go of some of the stress of trying to keep up in our crazy world!

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