Sunday, April 25, 2010

slow and steady

I am starting to appreciate how easy it is to accumulate stuff and how hard it is to decide what to do with said stuff when you move. I have an amazingly large collection of books, an abundance of glass & pottery collected over the course of many years that are ever so hard to decide what is worth packing...though I am going with "can it be replaced?" I am going to be staying at a smaller place for a couple of months and then who knows where, thus trying to really move as little as possible!
I am amazed at the things that I feel I can't part with, the furniture is easy, but the art& knick knacks are killing me! I have until June 7th, but my goal is to be out of this place by May 31 so it is only about a month to get it all done...oh my.
Just breathe and focus on something each day...that is my mantra!

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  1. It is really hard to decide what to keep when you're downsizing! I always keep the special stuff and let the practical stuff go...practical stuff can always be replaced! However, I guess some would say that's not a very practical thing to do... :)

    Have a happy day!