Saturday, April 10, 2010

housing and packing stress

I am just a little bit stressed about the whole idea of moving. I find myself focusing on the most random of things, having to call to shut off my utilities, finding boxes to pack up all of my "stuff" and of course the biggie....where on earth this next stage of my life will take me. Much to my surprise I am finding that so far the sorting through my stuff has involved letting go of quite a lot. My feeling is this is a chance to let go of baggage, both conceptual & real. I want to be more like my dad who retired to Mexico with the clothes that fit in the saddlebags on his motorcycle (with a few boxes stored under my house) though to be realistic I know I am not able to let go of that much!
It is a great thing to strive for though...ok, back to packing boxes.

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