Friday, January 22, 2010

friends come and go

I have been sad this past month since I got news that my best friend was moving out of state.
I know we will still talk on the phone & touch base through the lovely social media of facebook, but it is still a big change. She is moving to Montana of all places...and I do get why. Finances, family and a need for change. All valid and to be honest I left first and shouldn't be upset that she is following my lead of change. I never gave any thought to my friends when I made my choices to move, be it from where I live now to go back to San Diego for college or my decision to return here after college.
I know that I will make the effort to go see her, it is just that the ease of seeing her is being taken away. She currently lives in the town in which we went to hs, where my mom still lives. I could combine seeing my family and hers in one trip that was a reasonable drive to do.
I will be going down to see her for one last hurrah sometime in the next month before the big move. A chance to run around to some of our fave places and make even more lasting & lovely memories. I will savor those as things from this point on will change, only the future will tell what lies ahead, but I know that she will remain in it although much further away.

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