Monday, February 23, 2009

going the digital age?

I do believe I am about the last person I know to start a blog.
I am always slow to join in on the latest technology. I do not own any type of Ipod or portable music device, other than the CD player that came with my car. I do have a laptop...which I adore and can't imagine not having now that I own it. Plus I did cave and get a digital camera in late 2007 as my film camera finally died and so I thought...why not!
My point is that I may be slow to join in to the hip, now & fab things, but I always come to love them in the end. As far as the blog phenonenom goes, I thought I don't have kids or a crazy life that my friends & family need to be kept up upon so why do it.
Well, we all need a place to throw out our random thoughts, feelings and such, right?
Mine might not be ever so interesting to the world in general, but they are mine to share as I choose. I am not going to try and be witty, clever or amusing to find fans, but rather say those crazy thoughts that come and go in all of our heads.
So, here goes my joining of the new (to me) digital age of sharing.

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