Sunday, May 11, 2014

I'm a Warrior, how about you?

I jumped through fire, ran (ok, walked) up hills, climbed over tires and went down a big muddy slide...and had the best time doing it all!

I managed to talk 3 of my girlfriends into joining me to do the Warrior Dash race in San Dimas in April. It was challenging in both a physically and mentally capacity.
I struggled with the rope climb up the tall slanted wall  as seen below.

It had less to do with my physical ability, but rather my mental...I have a small (ok, big) fear of heights and this one was of a decent height with nothing but concrete below should you fall.
I got 2/3 of the way up and had a mini panic attack. My girl T tried to talk me through it and I was almost ready, but felt weak from the I made the slow trip back down.
I also did fundraising for the fabulous cause that is St. Jude's.
Who doesn't love helping a great charity while having some muddy good fun?
Thanks to friends, family & my amazing customers I raised $500!!!
How cool is that?
The best part was due to my fundraising we got the ability to shower on site rather than stand out under a hose like the 1000 other people who raced that day.
Such a lovely bonus.
I hope to talk these lovely gals back to try this again next year as I'd love to push through and do conquer that one obstacle that I let get the better of me this year.
I will say this, I am proud of myself as I gave it a valiant effort and had
 a smile on my face (at least most of the time)

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