Saturday, September 29, 2012

I survived!

I completed my very first ever mud run!
It was harder in some ways than I thought it would be...and in some ways easier!?!
To be honest these sort of races are as much mental as physical. You have to get yourself into the mind set of having fun & just pushing through when you think you are at your limit.
My best friend did the race with me which was amazing.
We have so many fabulous memories, but this one is going into the top 10 for sure!

There were a couple obstacles that I knew going into the race were going to be a challenge for me, either mentally or physically. The up & over cargo climb was one of those....I do NOT like heights.
I found that I was so focused on being done, as it was the second to last obstacle, that I just powered through it. The other 2 that I dreaded were the tube we had to crawl through
(got good advice from a guy at that one to go in head first on my back & scoot/slide)
as I am slightly claustrophobic. Both my bestie & I dropped promptly off the monkey bars...someday I might be able to do those, but not there yet!
It was a 3.37 course with 20+ obstacles including about 8 mud pits.
Amazingly dirty & fun way to spend my birthday!
We got scratched, bruised and muddy...and had the time of our lives doing it.
We want to make it an annual tradition with as many of our friends as we can convince to get out there and do it with us!!!! 
It also inspired me to get back into my workout regime.
Have been slacking a bit the past few months....good have trained harder for the race, but hey I can get a jump start on next year right?

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