Wednesday, August 1, 2012

so, this whole Chick Fil A thing....

Ok, so first off let me say I am by no means a religious person.
I was raised  in a family that includes a couple atheists,  an agnostic or two along with various Christian religions being represented (Baptist, Lutheran & Methodist).
I respect EVERYONE's right to believe what ever they wish to believe, support it to their hearts content even. What I do not support is a group of people telling people what is right or wrong.
Being gay is not a choice...would someone choose to live a life in which they are constantly judged and told that they are an abomination against nature amongst other ever so kind statements?
I have friends and family who are gay.
I support them.
I love them.
I am in no position to judge their choices in who they love or
how they live their one is except them!
I support love.

One of my friends posted on FB earlier saying "isn't it within the bible to love thy we pick and choose which neighbor we can & will love?"
Another says she always goes back to the thought,
 "What is it about my love that is hurting you?"
What it comes down to in the end is that we as a human race to need to learn to love and appreciate one another's differences.
You do not have to support gays if you
 do not believe in them, but don't attack them.
 Let go of the hate.

You can be a person of religion without being a person of hate.

I personally have never eaten at a ChickFilA, and due to items within the news of late I doubt it will ever happen now. I do not wish to support an organization that gives money to groups that promote a less than loving view on gays & their lifestyle.

In what I think are important bits to this article these statements were made:

"Even if you don't support same-sex marriage, do you really think gay marriage is "inviting God's judgment on our nation"? Haven't we all heard enough blame from those who claim to speak for the Lord, like after Katrina or, more recently, after the shooting in Aurora, Colo.?"

I think people should use their beliefs, religious or otherwise to be a positive force
in our world rather than a negative one.
Promote love, understanding and acceptance.
Again this is just my own humble opinion...I know I will have some people amongst my FB friends who will disagree. That is what makes us as humans so great, we can agree to disagree.
All I ask is for people to not judge, just love one another!
I support about you?