Wednesday, December 22, 2010

find that spirit where you can...

So, I am still very much in the Christmas happy~love state, but a few things
have changed since I last posted.
First off, my mom is not coming up for the holiday due to this ever so lovely
rainy weather we are having.
Am I yes quite a bit.
Did I once more that would be a yes.
Have I already made plans and moved past it, yes and no.
I will spend part of Christmas day with my dad's gf's daughter & her family. It will be fun as her daughter & hubby have 2 small children who are what this Christmas are all about. The joy they have on their little faces at finding their stockings and presents are so cute to see. I feel like K's family is now a part of mine through her relationship with my dad and thus a new tradition of sorts will be born through all of this.
I am sad though at the loss of time with my mom and hate that once again I let myself be disappointed. We see things in a different light and I doubt my mom even knows just how upset I am at her decision not to come. When we talked I told her not to worry as I had a place to be if she did not come and I understood about the drive, but a huge part of me just wanted her to say
" oh I'll push through it and still come"
On the plus side got a nice surprise today in my cousin popping into my
work unexpectedly due to his new route
(he works for Amtrak)
stopping literally across the street from my work!
Fun as we haven't seen each other in about a year and it helped put my sadness after talking to my mom into perspective.
So, now I have a free day tomorrow ,as I gave away my shift in prep for my mom's visit, with absolutely nothing to do and money to spare....hhhhmmmm.
A movie?
Sushi date with myself?
Bottle of champers and some netflix?
who knows....

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