Tuesday, December 1, 2009

getting out there

So, I will be the first to admit that I am bad at putting myself out there as far as dating goes.
The town in which I live is extremely small and while I love my lil shangri-la the dating pool here is more like a kiddie wading pool than anything else.
Being in close proximity to a college town really doesn't help matters either as I know I am a good bit older than half the boys we will see when we head out to the bars in town.
So, just how do you get out and meet people? Well, if you are me and tired of hearing from your friends that you have been single for much too long...you sign up on an online dating site and hope for the best.
Yes, I joined the cyber dating revolution this am.
I have tried Match.com before and all my matches were out of the area(which I was all like...HELLO, the point is to meet people near you right?)
This time I went for the free site, plentoffish.com.
There actually seems to be decent guys on there from profiles I have browsed through already. I need to find a couple of good (realistic also) pics to post and make my intro a bit longer, but I did start it.
Who knows what it could bring, but if I got a new friend or two out of it then great.
I'll keep you posted on the events that follow!

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