Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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Seriously bothers me when you get an apology that has hints of accusation in it. I am no longer going to apologize for how and what I feel. I think we are all entitled to our feelings. You are only responsible for yourself. You can't help how you feel and should never feel bad for them. The thing I have learned in this past year is that people can share how they feel, but you can do nothing about how other people receive it. So, I can't control what is being sent my way, but only my thoughts & feelings I get from them.
I will say along with this that I have learned to swallow back lots of things I would love to say. I feel like some of them would be good for me to say, but have either no effect or a negative effect upon the other person so what is the point. I might feel better, but would it help the

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