Thursday, June 4, 2009

vacations are amazing...

First of all, I have some issues with flying; I basically expect to die each time I get on a plane and am always quite happy to land safely upon the ground. I know all of the stats of how a car is more dangerous, blah, blah, blah, but I still think it is not natural. This said I sometimes have panic attacks or get ill when flying and am ever so happy to say this was not the case on this flight! It was a roller coaster last 20 minutes, but I felt fine...woohoo. Let's hope for the same on the way home...
Having a blast spending time with my friends soon to be 1 year old (played nanny for the 2 days she had to work while I was here) and we got a little girl time last eve. Went to a local Trattoria and had some wine and pasta...lovely. Tomorrow is a girls day, a friend is going to watch lil Lemon (yes, that is a nickname) while we shop, eat and visit to our hearts content.
I honestly love this area of Colorado and could even see myself living here. Who knows if things don't get better in the working world in CA maybe I'll pack it in and move eastwards.
Anyways not much to write, but wanted to check in with the rest of the world for a few.

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